Ron Kuna

Fine aged Rum

From Panama Best Rums Reserves

Ron Kuna

Fine aged Rum

From Panama Best Rums Reserves

Telling the
Kuna Story

The Kuna, a tribe, is one of Panama’s oldest communities…
They trade the sweet riches of their land and tell stories. The Kuna people have cleverly managed to retain their tribal identity and contentedly lead a balanced life, free from the complexities of modern, highly-organised societies.
With a respectful nature, Kuna people have a custom for every event and happening in their life and these customs are passed on to their children through dances, song, celebration and storytelling. These events are also documented in their Molas, their distinctive works of art.
And so, Kuna Ron, like the Kuna people takes the time to tell its story, to whisper through the ages and generations. Some say if you listen to the wind through reeds – you’ll hear the secrets of the land.

our Rum

Our Ron Kuna 8 Años rum is an interesting blend of rum-making traditions.
During the Panamanian Dry Season (from December through April), freshly-pressed sugar cane juice is fermented and then distilled before being placed in ex- Bourbon oak barrels for ageing. During the wetter months our expert rum maker uses a combination of pressed cane juice and molasses for its fermentation base.
After eight years in the barrels, the rum is blended and then raised infamous Château Pape Clement casks in Bordeaux, France, for six months before final reduction and bottling processes. This will give the liquid sweet and subtle smoky aromas with hint of red fruit flavours and a smooth and unique character.

Member of Lookout Beverages Group

Tasting Notes
Ron Kuna

Creamy with a long, smooth and mellow finish, Ron Kuna is the perfect example of Panama’s unique aged rum style.


Light gold colour in a glass which in the light takes on the same shade as fresh honey. The liquid’s legs appear thin and sharp and strongly but cling to the glass.


The nose of Ron Kuna is dry at first, with hints of flowers and straw before giving way to heavier, richer notes of vanilla and caramel. A hint of red wine-casks maturation also arises.


Ron Kuna shows warm flavours of toffee and caramel at first. It then introduces oral notes of vanilla and apple blossom and finishes with earthy notes of leather. The texture is rich with full dry red fruits and matured red wine hint on the tongue.

Recommanded serve

Ron Kuna is best enjoyed as a sipping rum – neat or on the rocks

Kuna Cigar Cask Finish
Limited Edition

Since the 18th Century great American rivers transported fine oak casks, filled with Bourbon, towards New Orleans. These casks were used only once, their aromas and flavours released quickly, making them excellent vessels for the ageing of single malt whisky and rum. World acclaimed cigar experts Davidoff of Geneva, have pioneered a unique method of aging and fermenting specially selected tobacco leaves, in these fine oak Bourbon casks. In collaboration with Davidoff of Geneva, we have reused these casks to exquisitely flavour our second rum release, and are proud to present a first in the history of rum production.

Tasting Notes
Cigar Cask Finish


Autumn barley fields.


Vibrant robust oak notes with a rich and delicate tobacco aroma, crunchy toffee and deep citrus notes. Marmalade on toast with fine orange liqueur balanced by dry, almost smoky oak tannin with a subtle hint of Cigar Cask Finish Tobacco prints.


Intriguing layers of light tannin, underpinned by rich notes of vanilla pod, fine leather and fine selected Cigar Cask Finish Tobacco. Develops into a sweet, velvety mouthfeel with spicy hints of cardamom and nutmeg with a sweet edge of tobacco smokiness and rich roasted coffee.

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